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Facts & Figures

On all dimensions, India is falling way short of delivering quality education to its children. Here are a few facts that re-affirm Rangoli’s  role in spreading awareness.

  1. Out of every 100 children born in India today:
    · 63 births are not even registered
    · 25 are not immunized against any disease
    · 16 will have no access to clean drinking water
    · 15 will never go to school

  2. India spent only around 4.1% of GDP on Education in 2000-01.
  3. Out of 18 million children in the 6-14 age group, only 15.04 million are enrolled in school. 17% are therefore out of school.
  4. Out of 40,000 primary schools in Maharashtra, 9000 are single teacher and 18,000 are schools with two teachers.
  5. In Maharashtra, surveys of 28 cities and eight rural districts found that only 30 per cent of boys and girls in the age group 6-14 could read basic text fluently or do simple arithmetic.
  6. The size of the system is staggering. In Mumbai itself, there are 2.3 million children living in slums and on the streets.
  7. There are over 500,000 children in 1200 schools in Mumbai run by the Municipal Corporation in 8 mediums of instruction.
  8. There are around 15,000 teachers, 2500 non-teaching staff in schools and 400 officers and supervisors. Over 90% of Annual budget allocation goes towards salaries.
  9. Of the children in school, around 50% drop out by class 5, and of the remaining less than 10% finish class10.
  10. Independent studies show poor learning achievement. Less than 50% in class 5 can read and write alphabets in their other tongue.
  11. There are steadily declining enrollment numbers.
  12. An increasing demand for English education is moving enrollment to countless small private schools.
  13. There are more than 500 teacher vacancies in English, Hindi and Urdu mediums.
  14. Studies show the poor state of school infrastructure – more than 60% have unhygienic sanitary conditions.
  15. If we believe that our future lies in the hands of our children and Youth , these numbers and trends present both a staggering challenge and a huge justification for the Society.
1. 7th All India Educational Survey conducted by National Council of Educational Research and Training. 2. World Health Organisation
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