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Volunteering for Rangoli
FAQs about Rangoli

Q: What does Rangoli do?
Ans: Rangoli
undertakes grass root level activities, with the support and collaboration of the existing organisations wherever possible and if not, by initiating work on its own through volunteers in the feilds of all kinds of awareness regarding Enviornment, Youth activities, and Homeless

Q: How was Rangoli formed? Who formed it and why?
Ans; Rangoli
was formed in 2010 by Ranjeet Nimblankar, together with his friends from the NGO background. Ranjeet Nimblankar, Founder Chairman, Rangoli is the head of the organization which is governed by a five member governing body. The organization does not believe in a lot of hierarchical layers.

Q: Are you a registered body?
Yes, Rangoli is a registered body .

Q: Where all do you have your formal offices?
Ans; Rangoli
has its own office and volunteers in Mumbai .

About Volunteering

Q: How can I volunteer with Rangoli?
Anyone irrespective of age, gender, education, nationality can volunteer with Rangoli in many different ways, even sitting at home. Visit our website www.rangoli.org for a list of volunteering opportunities or fill the volunteering form in the website to find out what suits your circumstances.

Q: Do I have to pay any membership fee to become your member/ volunteer?
No, there is no membership fee etc for joining Rangoli. Anyone anywhere can become a member by joining our work in different capacities.

Q: Will I get a certificate, if I volunteer with Rangoli?
On request we will surely issue a certificate for the work and duration of time that a person volunteer’s with Rangoli. On the other hand we strongly discourage people from approaching us with requests from their friend’s, relatives children, college kids wanting a certificate when they are not actually interested in working with us as a volunteer.

Q: I want to join you formally, how do I do that?
Send us your details and whenever there is an opening we will get in touch with you but if you are keen on working with us then the best way is to start with doing voluntary work with us. That will give you a first hand idea about our work, our work culture etc. Send us your detailed CV for future reference.

Q: I want to do my internship, how do I proceed?
Please ask your institute to send us a formal letter, mentioning about your interest in doing an internship with Rangoli. Also please mention the duration, specific interest area etc details.

Q; Can I be a part of your distribution or can I travel with you in the villages..
You are most welcome to travel with our team members when they go on field visits but
a). You will have to work according to their schedule
b). The facilities and the living conditions at the villages are the most basic, so be prepared for some rough living. Let us know about your free dates and if there is someone traveling at that time, we will let you know.

Q: What are various Initiatives that Rangoli is involved with?
With its primary focus on – Enviornment, Youth Activities and Homeless Advocacy Rangoli is involved in all kinds of awareness in all modes.

Q: Why target only Rural Areas, the situation is equally grim closer home; in the city slums?
Our focus on the most far-flung villages comes from the understanding that these are these are the most neglected and resource and opportunity starved pockets where people are least literate and so their is a urgent need for
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