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Volunteering for Rangoli
Homeless & Others

  1. To work for eradication of poverty, unemployment, diseases and ignorance existing among homeless community.
  2. To organize homeless people locally, regionally and nationally.
  3. To establish, organize, promote, network and strengthen a strong civil society organization for the rights of homeless people.
  4. To impart education and or to assist/ help in imparting education, general or technical or scientific or all other types and in all fields of knowledge, to poor.
  1. To provide proper medical, surgical, sanitation, educational and like facilities to  all kinds of  poor, Minority, backward class and people of below the poverty line
  1. To open construct, develop, manage institutions for the fulfillment of the objectives and aims of this Trust or and aims of public utility in nature including the work of institutions existing for such purpose objects and aims by way of donations, grants or otherwise to form part of the TRUST FUND on public utility purposes of involving on any activity for not profit.
    • To help, assist and directing in terms of money credit goods materials or in any manner and from all poor deserving needy living beings for the purpose of or with the aim of rendering life, completely healthy peaceful safe and secure.
    • To give donation to other institutions to other institutions existing for the public charitable purpose
    • To look after or adopt or give in adoption orphans   unclaimed and unlooked after children, babies, and to establish  manage and run orphans
    • To establish or institute endowments for spreading the objects ad aims of the trust
    • To distribute or arrange for the distribution of the food and clothing for the poor and the needy and to arrange for their shelter.
    • To help the society in all such possible ways and hence flourishing a happy and responsible society.
    • To raise the consciousness of general people on the issues related to the homeless, especially in the youth.
    • To conduct research work for adverse conditions of the society and the environment.
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